Archive Maps of The Rich Odyssey
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Archive Route Maps: Denver, CO to Auckland, New Zealand
December 1 to December 16

Route Map: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador to Auckland, New Zealand
December 13 to December 16

Ecuador        Panama                Florida            California            Australia            New Zealand    
1Galapagos Islands, Ecuador; 2 Guayaquil, Ecuador; 3 Quito, Ecuador; 4 Panama City, Panama;  5 Miami, FL; 6 Orlando, FL; 7 Los Angeles, CA; 8 Sydney, Australia; 9 Auckland, New Zealand

Route Map: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
December 6 to December 13

1 Isla Baltra; 2 Isla Bartolomew; 3 Isla Fernandina; 4 Isla Isabela; 5 Isla San Salvador; 6 Isla R...; 7 Isla Santa Maria; 8 Isla Santa Cruz; 9 Isla Espanola: 10 Isla San Cristobal 11 Isla Santa Cruz; 12 Isla Baltra
We traveled here via our cruise ship from island to island.

Route Map: Panama City, Panama to Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
December 5

Panama        Ecuador 
1 Panama City, Panama;  2 Quito, Ecuador; 3 Guayaquil, Ecuador; 4 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Route Map: Panama
December 1 to December 5

1 Panama City, Panama;  2 Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal; 3 Lake Gatun, Panama
Note that the Panama Canal starts on the Pacific side just southeast of Panama City and proceeds northwest through two sets of locks, through Lake Gatun, through a set of locks to the northwest of Lake Gatun and emerges on the Atlantic side near Fort San Lorenzo.  We went as far as Lake Gatun and then turned back to Panama City.

Route Map: Denver, CO to Panama City, Panama
December 1 

Colorado            Florida            Panama 
1 Denver, CO;  2 Miami, FL; 3 Panama City, Panama