eTrippers' Guide to Extended Travel

While we have regular lives too, eTripping is a kind of lifestyle that weíve learned to adopt on our travels. Itís about living your real life in always-new surroundings. Doing the laundry in London or Rome isnít any more glamorous than in Denver, but the rest of the day, submerged in local culture, sure can be an adventure.  Similarly, remaining part of an extended family while youíre traveling for months, is more possible with todayís technology than ever before, but it still isnít easy.

Weíve learned new eTripping techniques nearly every day: tricks which make traveling for a long time easier and more enjoyable. We hope you will benefit from some of our hard-won lessons, and perhaps our travel logs will point you to some of the real treasures out there for you to discover.

Thanks for the many contributions you all have made to make this site stronger.  Welcome aboard!