Archive Maps of The Rich Odyssey
(Maps are now in date order -- oldest to newest)

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Route Maps: Vienna, Austria to Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 5 to June 17

Route Map: Vienna, Austria to Munich, Germany
June 5

Austria        Germany
1 Vienna (Wien), Austria; 2 Salzburg, Austria; 3 Munich (Munchen), Germany

Route Map: Munich, Germany to Frankfurt, Germany
June 5 to June 8

1 Munich (Munchen), Germany; 2 XXX, Germany; 3 Munich, Germany; 4 Rothenburg, Germany; 5 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Route Map: Frankfurt, Germany to Koblenz, Germany
June 9 to June 11

1 Frankfurt am Main, Germany; 2 Mainz, Germany; 3 Bacharach, Germany; 4 Koblenz, Germany

Route Map: Koblenz, Germany to Berlin, Germany
June 11 to June 14

1 Koblenz, Germany; 2 Berlin, Germany

Route Map: Berlin, Germany to Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 14 to June 17

 Germany                Netherlands
1 Berlin, Germany; 2 Hanover, Germany; 3; Amsterdam, Netherlands; 4 Haarlem, Netherlands