Archive Maps of The Rich Odyssey
(Maps are now in date order -- oldest to newest)

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Route Maps: Paris, France to Dublin, Ireland
June 23 to July 7

Route Map: Paris, France to Winchcombe, England
June 23

France            England
1 Paris, France; 2 London, England; 3 Winchcombe, England

Route Map: Winchcombe, England to Cardiff, Wales
June 23 to June 30

England            Wales
1 Winchcombe, England; 2 Stratford-upon-Avon, England; 3 Warwick, England; 4 Bath, England; 5 Blenheim, England; 6 Cardiff, Wales

Route Map: Cardiff, Wales to Cork, Ireland
June 30 to July 1

Wales        Ireland
1 Cardiff, Wales; 2 Swansea, Wales; 3 Cork, Ireland

Route Map: Cork, Ireland to Dublin, Ireland
July 1 to July 5

1 Cork, Ireland; 2 Limerick, Ireland; 3 Galway, Ireland; 4 Aran Islands, Ireland; 5 Dublin, Ireland