Archive Maps of The Rich Odyssey
(Maps are now in date order -- oldest to newest)

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Route Maps: Cairo to Portugal and Spain
April 13 to May 2

Route Map: Cairo to Madrid
April 13

Egypt    Spain
1Cairo, Egypt; 2 Barcelona, Spain; 3 Madrid, Spain

Route Map: Madrid to Lisbon
April 13

Spain    Portugal
1Madrid, Spain; 2 Trujillo, Spain; 3 Lisbon, Portugal; 4 Estroil, Portugal;

Route Map: Portugal
April 14 to April 24

1Estroil, Portugal; 2 Sintra, Portugal; 3 Lisbon, Portugal; 4 Evora, Portugalt; 5 Estremoz, Portugal; 6 Mafra, Portugal; 7 Obidos, Portugal; 8 Bucaco, Portugal; 9 Guimaraes, Portugal; 10 Ponte de Lima, Portugal; 11 Valenca do Minho, Portugal

Route Map: Spain
April 25 to May 1

1 Tui, Spain; 2 A Coruna, Spain; 3 Madrid, Spain; 4 Barcelona, Spain