New Zealand and Australia Phrases

Here are some interesting New Zealand and Australian catch phrases that are commonly used.  There are some differences between the two countries, but, since both are British, these phrases appear to be common.  We will see if we hear the same things when we visit England next June! 



Lovely Pretty, wonderful, beautiful, pleasant
Good on you Good for you
My shout My treat
No worries No problem
Charge your glasses No equivalent - be sure your glasses are full for toasting
Is it credit? (A) or Is is straight credit? (NZ) Asked every time you present your credit card
Roundabout Rotary
Holiday Vacation
Toilets Rest Rooms
G'Day (Australian) Hello or Good Day
See ya later Bye
Run out Close out
Crikey Dick! Oh my gosh!
Bloody Right You bet! Correct!
Mate (Primarily Australian) Man
Tramping (NZ only) Hiking
Track Trail
Bush Forest or undergrowth
Lift Elevator