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This is the first update on the Rich Extended Family History.  There are five pages of pictures covering the Reynolds family around the world.  Thanks is due to Margaret Reynolds Waddy of Wellington, New Zealand. Click on the links to see the other pages.
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Thomas William Reynolds
Born 1811, London. Died 1898, Dunedin

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Maria Gertrudes Branco Dias Reynolds
Born 1818, Santiago Doescoural, Portugal. Died 1902, Dunedin.

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Eliza Reynolds MacAndrew
Born 1827, Portugal. Died 1875, Dunedin

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Born 1822, London. Died 1899, Dunedin

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1838 - 1928

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Alfred Reynolds
Born 1862, Alburquerque, Spain. Died 1912, Dunedin

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Marion Hunter Reynolds Cameron
1845 - 1922

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Charles Alfred Reynolds, 1851 - 1923
Emily Letitia (de Clifford), Born 1869

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Robert Hunter Reynolds (Portugal)
1820 - 1872

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Maria Perez Reynolds

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Lilian Reynolds, Marion Cameron, Jean Cameron

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Back row: D. Cameron, Edward Reynolds, Alice MacAndrew, Henry Reynolds, Robin Cameron
Front row: Mavie MacAndrew, Mainie Cameron, Maria Gertrudes Diaz Reynolds, Lily Reynolds
Jean Cameron

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Letitia de Clifford Reynolds with Eldest Son

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Mary Tomasia Reynolds Wright, Jack Wright
Maria Gertrudes Reynolds holding Jack’s first child (a deaf mute)

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James Reynolds Cameron

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Ethel Haggitt Cameron

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Rachel Pinkerton Reynolds

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