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This is the first update on the Rich Extended Family History.  There are five pages of pictures covering the Reynolds family around the world.  Thanks is due to Margaret Reynolds Waddy of Wellington, New Zealand. Click on the links to see the other pages.
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The Reynolds Coat of Arms

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"The Portcullis of herse (herse sarazine) so well known as a Tudor badge occurs not very frequently as an armonial charge. Argent, a portcullis sable, chained proper, is a coat of REYNOLDS in England; and in Scotland is recorded in Workman’s M.S. as the ‘armes parlantes’ of Windygate (!) more generally borne as Gules, a portcullis or, which is also the coat of Apelvoisin in France."

Extract from Woodward’s "A Treatise on Heraldry British & Foreign"
By John Woodward and George Burnett
p. 365 (David and Charles Reprints)
Lisbon, May 4th, 1971

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Thomas Reynolds
Born c. 1786, Chatham, England. Died 1867, Dunedin, New Zealand

Marion Hunter
Born c. 1786, East Lothian, Scotland. Died 1869. Dunedin, New Zealand

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Alentejo countryside, Portugal 

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Evoramonte countryside, Portugal

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 Casa Inglesas, Estremoz, Portugal

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