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This is the first update on the Rich Extended Family History.  There are five pages of pictures covering the Reynolds family around the world.  Thanks is due to Margaret Reynolds Waddy of Wellington, New Zealand. Click on the links to see the other pages.
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second-setextra-hugh reynolds family.jpg (128128 bytes)    

Campbell Reynolds, Heather Campbell Reynolds, Rachel Campbell Reynolds, Hugh Hunter Reynolds

second-set2_1-rachel and campbell kids.jpg (172476 bytes)    

Rachel and Campbell Reynolds

second-set3_1-lady and teen.jpg (112801 bytes)   

Rachel Reynolds in Maria Getrude Diaz Reynolds’ Gown, Margaret Reynolds Waddy

Newinsert4-lady and three kids.jpg (417542 bytes)    

James, John and Enid Mortimer with Winnifred Reynolds

second-set4_1-isabel and guys.jpg (177020 bytes)    

Joshua Reynolds Theunissen, Isabel Reynolds Theunissen, Woodie Theunissen 2000

second-set5_1-mom dad two kids.jpg (68779 bytes)   

Helen Reynolds Gordon     Alastair Gordon
Iain Gordon     Helen Gordon

second-setextra_1-two boys and inset older.jpg (588289 bytes)    

Insert: Ian Reynolds Insert: Robert Reynolds
Ian and Robert Reynolds: Oriental Bay, Wellington, 1947

second-set2_2-family with inset man.jpg (480530 bytes)   

Margaret Turney Reynolds, Nicola Turney Reynolds, Mark Reynolds Hough, Phillippa Reynolds Hough 
Insert: Tony Turney Reynolds

second-set4_2-four ladies and a guy.jpg (119813 bytes)   

Amelia Pinsent, Clare Pinsent, Gillian Nott-Bower, Nicolas Reynolds, Ann Reynolds
Isle of Wight, England, 18 October 2000

second-set5_2-big outdoor group.jpg (205728 bytes)    

Bouncer and Emily Reynolds’ Family: Braamcamp, Barreiro, Portugal, 8 August 1968

second-set1_3-hjouse by river.jpg (261398 bytes)    

Braamcamp, Barreiro, Portugal 1951

second-set2_3-group shot men and women.jpg (128536 bytes)

Pilar Reynolds, Peter Mollet, Hugh Reynolds, Roderick Reynolds, Andrew Bull (friend)
Victoria Raw, ? Mollet, Janet Caddell Reynolds
Martin Reynolds, Olivia Raw

Lisbon, Portugal, March 1998 

second-set3_2-group at dinner.jpg (135666 bytes)    

Alexandra ?, Janet Caddell Reynolds, Martin Reynolds, Rachel Reynolds Waddy,
Margaret Reynolds Waddy, Paul Reynolds, Richard Reynolds Waddy
Wellington, 1991

second-set4_3-birthday card queen mum and lady.jpg (125212 bytes)     


second-set1_4-older man and lady.jpg (165768 bytes)      

Emily (Hasslacher) and Albert Hugh Reynolds
58th Wedding Anniversary, St James, Spanish Place, London. 12 June 1986

second-set2_4-group shot on porch older couple in front.jpg (123594 bytes)    

Nicolas, Ann, Hugh, Martin, Babette, Stephen
Albert Hugh (Bouncer)
and Emily Reynolds
Emily’s 80th Birthday, Lisbon, 17 January 1982

second-set3_3-three men and older lady.jpg (147703 bytes)    

Lawrence, Charlie, Francis Reynolds: sons of Hugh Reynolds and
"Granny" Emily Reynolds (nearly 96)
Christmas 1997Martin Reynolds, Olivia Raw

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