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This is the first update on the Rich Extended Family History.  There are five pages of pictures covering the Reynolds family around the world.  Thanks is due to Margaret Reynolds Waddy of Wellington, New Zealand. Click on the links to see the other pages.
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forth-set1_1-replacement- house with ladies.jpg (288819 bytes)    

516 Highgate, Dunedin 1898

forth-set1_2-lady.jpg (206541 bytes)    

Dorothea (Schauman) Reynolds

forth-set1_3-guy.jpg (223531 bytes)    

Alfred Earnest Reynolds (1890 - 1957)

forth-set2_4-2_5-guy on left.jpg (36088 bytes)    forth-set2_4-2_5-lady on right.jpg (51496 bytes)   

Colin Reynolds 1904 – 1962             Helen Reynolds 1904 - 1967

forth-set1_6-old group shot - wedding.jpg (181551 bytes)    

Edward Harrison Reynolds, Ian Reynolds
Helen Reynolds, Margaret Reynolds Waddy, Isabel Reynolds
Robert Reynolds, Hugh Reynolds

forth-set1_7-two guys and a lady at party.jpg (112314 bytes)   

Elaine MacAndrew, Alastair MacAndrew, Colin Reynolds 1952

  forth-set1_8-replacement-house cabin with two kids.jpg (458869 bytes)    

Alfred and Margaret Rachel’s House, Riverton c. 1904

forth-set2_1-guy.jpg (69009 bytes)    

Alfred Reynolds 1852-1912

forth-set2_2-three kids.jpg (133362 bytes)    

Douglas, Florence, Colin Reynolds c. 1909

forth-set2_3-three ladies in front of house.jpg (66009 bytes)     

Lilian Reynolds, Victoria King,
Winifred Reynolds

forth-set2_4-pat marble and husband.jpg (289080 bytes)    

Michael Raymond, Patricia Reynolds Raymond

forth-set2_5-pat and ed marble.jpg (162149 bytes)    

Patricia Reynolds Marble, Ed Marble

forth-set2_6-ladies and  baby - old.jpg (47970 bytes)    

Margaret Reynolds christening, Nelson Cathedral, 1929
Flora Lewis, Winifred Reynolds, Helen Reynolds, Florence Reynolds, Amy Harrison

forth-set2_7-family group shot.jpg (88463 bytes)    

Margaret Reynolds Waddy and Dick Waddy with Charles, Hamish, Martin, Richard, Jonathon, Rachel and Georgina

forth-set3_1-three kids.jpg (142313 bytes)    

Richard Hunter Waddy with Charlie Richard Earle Waddy and Harrison James Riddiford Waddy

forth-set3_2-boy at beach.jpg (23831 bytes)    

Alfred Reynolds 1852-1912

forth-set3_3-kate and denis mccarthy.jpg (115565 bytes)   

Kate and Denis Marble-McCarthy

forth-set3_4-stephanie marble rich.jpg (201885 bytes)    

Stephanie Marble Rich

forth-set3_5-extra-mom and baby.jpg (112763 bytes)    


forth-set3_5-wedding pic group.jpg (179099 bytes)    

Richard Waddy, Sarah Waddy, Clare Waddy, Charles Waddy, Jonathan Waddy, Rachel Waddy, William Davidson, Georgina Waddy Davidson, Margaret Reynolds Waddy

forth-set3_6-dad and baby.jpg (52245 bytes)    

Jonathan Waddy with Isabella, 2000

forth-set4_1-guy in military uni.jpg (166582 bytes)    

Colin Reynolds 
c. 1911

forth-set4_4-lady at grave.jpg (279666 bytes)    

1999: Megan Reynolds Nixon,
Albert - Guards Cementry 1916 - 1918.
Burial Place of Bertram Oswald Reynolds 1891 – 1917

forth-set4_6-mom and two kids on boat.jpg (185065 bytes)    

Georgina Waddy Davidson with Star and Louis Davidson, 2000

forth-set5_1-pat marble and baby.jpg (86214 bytes)    

Patricia (Reynolds, Raymond) Marble with Great Grandson Calvin Marble McCarthy
Born December 1999

forth-set5_2-abigail marble.jpg (185186 bytes)    

Abbie Marble

forth-set5_3-kate marble mccarthy.jpg (121900 bytes)    

Kate Marble McCarthy

forth-set5_4-mom and baby.jpg (161344 bytes)    

Sally Reynolds Chung, Hunter Chung

forth-set5_6extra-dad and three kids old.jpg (106827 bytes)    

Colin, Cyril, Thomas Edward, Ernest Reynolds, Riverton c. 1906

forth-set5_6-family grad pic.jpg (209927 bytes)    

Sally Reynolds Chung, Robert Reynolds, Megan Reynolds Nixon, Richard Reynolds

forth-setnewinsert1-riches.jpg (234213 bytes)    

Dennis, Jennifer, and Stephanie Marble Rich

forth-setnewinsert2-family group pic.jpg (212727 bytes)    

Mark, Paul, Enid, and Ian Mortimer with David and Mary Graham

forth-setnewinsert3-two ladies at party.jpg (178102 bytes)    

Rosemary and Enid Mortimer

forth-setnewinsert4-marbles and riches.jpg (1828716 bytes)    

Michael, Pat, and Debbie Marble with Jennifer and Dennis Rich

forth-setnewinsert5-dunedin group at church.jpg (606047 bytes)       

Row 1: Miguel Reynolds
Row 2:  Margaret Reynolds, Pedro Reynolds Jr., Artu Reynolds, Stephanie Rich, Brigid Denniston, Mary Reynolds, Victoria Raw, Pedro Reynolds
Row 3:  ? Reynolds, Jennifer Rich, Debbie Marble, Enid Graham, Janet Reynolds
Row 4:  Dennis Rich, Pat Marble, Clare Waddy, Mike Marble,  Ian Gordon, Robert Reynolds
Row 5:  Ted Reynolds, Colin Reynolds, Margaret Reynolds Waddy, Sally Reynolds Chung, Hunter Chung, Charles Waddy, Megan Reynolds, Emma Reynolds Nixon

waddy-extra-dad and two kids.jpg (107480 bytes)

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